Client Registration Forms

Patient Registration Form | Executive Health Check Form

At Guardian Medevac we provide forms to collect your personal information, along with your medical history to facilitate your registration with Guardian Medevac and to allow for the passage of necessary information to other health care providers when that proves necessary.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and this information will not be released to any third party, unless your health care is reliant on this release, nor will it be used for any other purpose than that stated.


This provides your team the highest level of service and attention. Offering this affordable service can help distinguish the high quality of your organization and provide a meaningful benefit to your team.

With registration, your team has access to our normal quality care, and these additional services: medical history review and record maintenance; proactive evacuation routing for emergencies; reduced fees on emergency and after-hours calls; no out-of-pocket expenses; appointment and transportation assistance.

There is a annual registration fee of $100 USD per registered staff member, whether local or international.

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